Don't photograph these people!

Here is a collection of images of people that did not like having their picture taken. If you run into these people, don't take their picture! 

I find that lately, since returning to street photography, that more and more people are finding the practice objectionable here in the U.S. (Theory: knee-jerk reaction from watching too much CSI/Law & Order/etc.) I was told that my picture taking, on these two particular occasions shown here, was "creepy." The first was taken with a 16mm Fisheye lens while walking down the street, in plain sight. The second was taken with a 85mm in a crowd of people. I can assure you that I was not crouched down behind some dumpster with a long lens. 

I certainly wouldn't of used these photographs among my other pages here, but I felt that those of you working as street photographers–and I like to think of us as artists–, might like to avoid the confrontations that I encountered with the persons pictured here. So avoid taking pictures of these people if at all possible. And if you do, DON'T put their photo on your website, or post them on any of those social media sites. Unless you like being called a creep, or perhaps worse. 

Don't forget, the ACLU is our friend. 

More to come, I'm quite sure!

© Daniel Morrison 2014