Monochrome Converted a7R Sample Gallery

a7r conversion.jpg

  I've taken this camera out for a spin now, and I am loving this camera. This takes me back to the days of shooting film, only better; I can shoot all day long and don't have to change film rolls. This converted Sony really behaves like a film camera. I found that my thought processes were thinking in black and white again, just like when I actually shot B&W film. 

  All of the photos were taken at ISO 100, the base ISO for the camera. Since I was not using a CC filter, the sensor received plenty of light, much of it being IR, and my settings were fast. I was able to hand hold all of these shots. I was in somewhat of a hurry and didn't have a chance to use my B&W contrast filters that I had with me, but I think that the results are pretty good. Post processing was easy and fun. I've printed some of these out just to see how they look on paper, and I'll say that I'm reminded of the prints that used to come out of the darkroom, but without the mess. 

© Daniel Morrison 2014