Sony (alpha) a7r Full Frame Monochrome Conversion, Done!

  Go here to see more samples of images from this converted Sony.  

This is my site dedicated to the monochrome conversion process.

Below is a shot of the camera just after the conversion with the CC filter removed. This will be like my other conversions where I leave out the CC filter so that it has a full-spectrum sensitive sensor. I simply apply the filter suitable for the desired effect. No limitations or angst on which IR filter to choose as in a permanent installation conversion. 

  This conversion took more time than the other NEX series that I've done due to the increased complications of the camera itself. Converting the sensor was as easy as the NEX series, however, it just has a little more surface area to deal with. 

  Click any of the images to see them at full resolution. 

alpha 7r converted. 

  Here is a shot of my a7 taken with the converted a7r. I was going to take a shot with both of these cameras side-by-side, but I find that I only have one color camera among four, and it was going to be in the shot. 

a7r conversion-2.jpg

My alpha 7, non-copnverted.

  As always, the images have very little post processing; tint removal, clarity set to 20, and USM set to 70 at the base ISO of 100. No other settings were applied. 

A quick sample shot taken just after conversion. I like to take a shot just after reassembly to affirm my work. I am quite confident of my method for removing the CFA layer in these Sony cameras––I've had no failures in any of my conversions. 

First test shot after conversion.

  I will get some more and better samples soon. I'm looking for a model so that I can see how this thing handles a portrait. 

  Here is another quick setup as an example. Notice the texture in the glass of the champagne bottle. And the cork as well. You can even see some fingerprints on the glass bottle on the left, near the catch-light. I'm quite happy with the results of the conversion, and how this a7R handles the details and tone gradations. Click to see 1:1. I'll do some more sample images and post them when ready. 

Test image.

More samples can be found here.

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